I’ve had the opportunity to paint for many people, and I’m honored to have been able to create something special for each and every person.  Below you’ll find testimonials from some of my valued clients and gift recipients, and I thank them all for the opportunity to paint and design for them over the years.

Jennifer G. – Iowa

“Lisa did an outstanding job on a painting we hold so close to our heart. During our son’s 2nd birthday, he was hospitalized, and being treated for Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and we had a professional photographer come in to capture the moments of his birthday party. Lisa had heard of our son’s story through Facebook, and decided to surprise us with a painting of myself, and our son Drake. She truly brought out the love of the photo through her painting, and we received it a couple weeks after he had passed away. We were blown away by the talent Lisa has, and the generosity she gave by giving her time to paint a picture of our angel! While our sweet boy is now our guardian angel, we have a beautiful painting to look at everyday and know he is always walking alongside us! Lisa does some amazing work, and we will definitely be asking her to do more in the future! ” See the painting, Drake here

Amy C. – Alberta

“Lisa is a wonderfully talented artist and dealing with her has been nothing short of amazing. The process of ordering and having our painting shipped was so easy even given the distance it had to travel. Our painting is beautifully done and I continue to look forward to seeing more paintings done by Lisa. Lisa is such a pleasure deal with.”  See the painting, Aboriginal Spirit.

Jeremy B. – British Columbia

” If you need the services of an extremely talented artist check out Lisa’s site. I commissioned Lisa to paint my daughter Jayah and she outdid herself. She captured her brown eyes beautifully. Everyone who enters our home compliments us on the painting.”  See the painting, Jayah.

Shelley B. – Binbrook, ON

“I love the painting Lisa did of me and my girls! Whenever a new person comes into my house they never fail to say how awesome they think it is!”  See the painting, Shelley and Daughters.

Josie B. – Grimsby, ON

“Hello everyone , I was lucky enough to win the first contest that Lisa had , for me it was winning the lottery , was one of the contests I’ve ever really wanted to win, she is so amazingly talented , anyone would be lucky to have a piece of Art done by her. All I can say is the painting she did of my girls , still looking at it brings tears to my eyes . Even if you don’t win and are looking to get a special painting done in honor of a family member alive or passed on , her work is absolutely amazing !!” See the painting, Josie’s Daughters.

Danielle Kelly & Taylor Morris

“We want to thank you personally for your email, encouraging words, support, and sharing your talent with us. We saw the painting you did and let me tell you it was simply amazing. Then I saw the picture of your son looking at the painting; priceless! Thank you so much for not only thinking of us but going out of your way to paint us and picture and send it to us. I cannot wait to get it in the mail! Thanks again for everything.” See the painting, Angel and a Hero.

Adam S. – Stoney Creek, ON

“It was approaching Christmas of 2012 and I had the daunting task of finding the perfect gift for my wife. After struggling with ideas, I came to the conclusion that a one of a kind painting of my two daughters (4years old & 2 years old) would be the perfect, thoughful gift that could be cherished for years. I was put in contact with local artist Lisa Lambertus, and immediately shared my idea with her and let her know that it was to be a Christmas present as it was nearing late November. Lisa confidently assurred me that this masterpiece would be ready for Christmas. I provided Lisa with a couple of photos indicating that I wanted a large size black&white piece with a little colour and I wanted the picture to exude “youthful innocence”. Lisa undertook this task knowing that I am a perfectionist and would not accept anything amateur or below my expectations. During the painting process Lisa kept open lines of communication, providing photo updates and asking for feedback/changes if any. Upon completion, Lisa invited me to have a look to make sure it met my expectations, and for once in my life it was exactly what I had invisioned. Lisa even went above and beyond and wrapped her work in Christmas wrapping paper for me. I was so impressed with Lisa’s work that I was overwhelmed with excitement to give my wife her gift and knew that this would be the ultimate present and impossible to top! My wife was overcome with emotion on Christmas day after seeing the painting and immediately started to look for the ideal place to display it. We have proudly hung Lisa’s work as a main piece in our dining room overlooking our large table where all guests and visitors are able to see. My wife and myself often joke that revellers of this piece look as if they are viewing a masterpiece in a museum. I have confidently recommended Lisa and her amazing talents to numerous friends, family and clients and will continue to do so.KCCO.”  See the painting, Beautiful Girls.

Diana C. – Saskatchewan

“A beautiful painting was sent to me of my wonderful loving husband who passed away so suddenly, he was my heart and soul,the love of my life, not a day goes by without looking at the wonderful painting and telling him i love him,i feel like he is here with me always, i am so thankful to you Lisa for doing this painting for me ,you have captured my husband so well in this picture , when i first seen it ,it just took my breath away, you are such a wonderful talented artist Lisa, i thank you from the bottom of my heart , you have such a gift to be able to capture him so perfect in your painting, I am forever grateful”  See the painting, Garry C.

Leah S. – Stoney Creek, ON

“On March 3rd, 2013 my daughter was suddenly taken from us. The love, support, and kindness from family, friends, and complete strangers was overwhelming. A couple weeks after Maia had passed, I heard someone had something for me. I had not met Lisa before…she had heard of Maia…one mom to another reaching out. What I didnt know is that it was the most breath taking painting created by an amazing, talented, loving woman. I am forever thankful for the stunning painting that is so life like of my beautiful Maia. I am proud to call her my friend.”  See the painting, Maia.

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