Revival of the Ocean

16″x20″ Acrylic on canvas. A bold and vibrant landscape of two of my favourite things, ocean waves and a beautiful sunset. The ocean is a true symbol of rebirth and renewal, as the sun sets and a new day begins it brings with it a new hope.

All proceeds of this auction for this original painting are going to “Saving Little Anya”.

Anya who is currently 6 years old has been fighting leukemia for over 3 1/2 years only to continue hearing that she has relapsed again. She just battled through a bone marrow transplant where she did not have a matching donor however had a cord blood that was close enough to go through the transplant. Five months after the transplant she relapsed once again and now she needs to look at going to the U.S. for treatment that is not offered in Canada in order to save her life. The treatment cost is from $500,000 – $800,000 USD which is why we are participating to help raise funds.

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